8 Ideas for Filling Time While Waiting for Your Flight

Going on a trip can be an exciting and stressful activity, especially if you’re flying and need to prepare for the airport. It’s often necessary to arrive there earlier in order to finish everything before takeoff. This is why it’s good to know how to fill the time you spend there waiting. Being informed and planning everything in advance can help you reduce stress.

To be even more relaxed on the day of departure, you can search for a reliable car service from San Diego to Palm Springs or prepare some interesting activities to do while at the airport.     

How long can you stay in an airport?

There are two airport areas where passengers can stay before the flight:                               

Landside area

This area is accessible to anyone and it consists of check-in and luggage drop-off desks, airline ticket vendors, arrivals area, and a few shops. If you are planning to wait for your flight here, you can stay for as long as you like, if the airport works all night. Some people tend to even sleep here overnight, especially if they have an early flight. Here you can find seating areas, public toilets, some shops, and free WiFi.

Airside (transit) area

To enter it, you’ll need a valid airline ticket and a passport since this is considered an international area. You’ll find all the gates, waiting areas, airport lounges, duty-free shops, and restaurants here. If you want to wait here for the flight, you can enter only a few hours before the flight because you need to check your luggage and pass the security check successfully. Check-in desks open only 2-4 hours before the flight. 

How can I entertain myself at the airport?

Waiting at the airport can be long and stressful, which is why you should think about different ways to entertain yourself:

1. Read

Take some time to read a book, ebook, newspaper, or find something on your phone. For example, you can skim through local travel guidelines. Reading can relax you and ease your mind.

2. Watch a movie or a show

Grab your laptop, tablet, or smartphone and watch the movie from your watchlist, or an episode of your favoriteTV show or a documentary.

3. Eat or drink

You shouldn’t do anything on an empty stomach. You should have a meal or a snack and make sure you are hydrated while waiting for your flight. 

4. Work

If you have mail you didn’t have the time to send, use your time at the airport to do it. It’ll be a useful way to fill your time.

5. Plan your trip

Plan a day or two in advance or add something to your to-do list so that you have more things to look forward to.

6. Listen to music or a podcast

Listening to your favorite music can always help you calm down. Listening to a podcast will help you think of something else instead of stressing over traveling.

7. Use amenities

Every airport has its amenities. Find out what yours has to offer beforehand. Some airports even offer spas, rooftop pools, or pop-up cinemas, and there are always various stores to browse.

8. Rest

The most important thing is to rest well. If you haven’t slept well, try to take a power nap with the alarm on. You can just close your eyes and meditate if this suits you more.

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