3 Things to Bring on a Flight

When preparing to travel, you feel both excited and stressed out. You have so many things to bring and you always feel like you are forgetting something. If you’re boarding a plane, you should especially focus on what you should bring and what you should not have with you. You want to organize your traveling so it goes as smoothly as possible. That’s why it’s helpful if you do a pre-flight checklist.

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While packing, you can look at our list below and discover useful tips. Read on!                            What do I bring to the airport

What do I bring to the airport?

It’s important to make a list of items and follow certain rules when packing for the airport. You will have your luggage that goes in the airplane belly and the things that stay with you: carry-on luggage, personal items purse, and toiletry bag. Let’s make sure you’re prepared for both traveling and passing the airport security:

1. Carry-on luggage

This luggage stays on the plane with you and it should fit in the overhead bin. The allowed weight differs from company to company, so make sure to check it and weigh it before you leave your house. You can pack your clothes (roll them to maximize space) and some of your toiletries that you may need during the flight. You can also include your electronics here (laptop, tablet, iPad, etc.). Don’t forget to bring appropriate chargers. 

2. Personal items purse 

This bag will contain all the things you need while in your seat. Make sure it’s a bag that easily fits under your seat. Here you can pack your travel documents, a jacket for cold flights, a device you need during the flight and its charger, and your medication. You can also put your essential toiletries that should be in 3.4-ounce bottles.

3. Toiletry bag

When packing toiletries, you are allowed to bring one quart-size bag of 3.4 oz. You can put it in your carry-on or personal items bag. You can only bring one clear bag of this kind.

Focus on these three points while doing your pre-flight check.

What is not allowed on a plane?

For safe and relaxing traveling, it is very important to know what things you can’t take on an airplane. You are not allowed to bring any sharp objects, tools, firearms, sporting equipment, or explosives. When it comes to liquids, only limited quantities (3.4 ounces) are allowed, except for medications. Get familiar with the rules and if unsure of a specific item, call your airline to check the rule with them.

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While experiencing the ride you deserve, you can relax and spend more time thinking about what to do until the airplane arrives.

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