8 Airport Travel Tips All Serious Travelers Should Know

How many flights did you take last year?

It may surprise you to learn that over 44,000 flights took off each day in the USA in 2019.

Whether for business or pleasure, taking a flight is still the most luxurious and fastest way to travel.

However, if you are a frequent flyer, you likely know that you need certain skills to get through the airport efficiently.

What airport travel tips can help you to get to your plane in double time? Why not check out our in-depth article to find out.

1-Do Not Forget Your Water Bottle

So we know that you can’t take water through security. However, take an empty bottle through and fill it up at a water fountain afterward. By doing this you can carry as much water as you want and avoid exorbitant airport prices.

2-Keep Your Devices Close By

“Please take your laptop out and switch it on”- We have heard it a hundred times. Why not invest in a bag that allows you to keep your devices in a separate pocket. It will save time at security checkpoints.

3-Provide Your Own Food

Airport prices are high, and food on airplanes is not always tasty. Avoid this by purchasing your own range of tasty snacks before arriving at the airport. You can ensure that you have enough to eat of foods that won’t break your diet.


We have all heard stories of people who are given an upgrade to first class. But how do they manage it? If you are celebrating any special event, let the staff know. They may want to share in your celebrations. Or simply just ask, politely. The worst answer can only be a polite “no”.

5-Bring Your Own Toiletries

Do you find yourself in hotels on a regular basis? Don’t leave without the tiny toiletries that are provided in the bathrooms. These are almost always under the required size for passing through security. Also, don’t forget to transport the toiletries in your own ziplock bag to avoid paying at the airport.

6-Skip the Airport Queues

You have saved time by taking the most efficient transport to the airport. Don’t lose time by queuing at rush hour. Try to pick flights during the night. You will walk through security in minutes.

7-Arrange Your Hand Luggage Carefully

Whether you travel by limousine or bus, getting your luggage to the airport is usually not a problem. However, after this, you have to take it through security. Sometimes there are multiple levels of security.

Take the time to rearrange your bags before you reach the security line. This will help you avoid any embarrassing unpacking moments in front of a crowd.

8-Hand Sanitizer

To protect your health, ensure that you choose the cleanest mode of transport to the airport. Once there, break out the hand sanitizer you packed and clean your hands to stay safe in this COVID-19 era.

Incredible Airport travel Tips and Much More

If you are a frequent flyer, you will know that getting through the airport can take a long time. However, by applying a few simple airport travel tips you can skip the queues and cut your waiting time considerably.

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