Get to the Airport Faster: How to Get to and Through the Airport Quick

Did you know that on average over 2.7 million people board or disembarked airplanes in the US in 2019?

Air travel is the fastest and most luxurious way of getting from A to B. You can be at your business meeting on the East coast simply by stepping on a plane on the West coast a few hours earlier. 

However, for many people, the most stressful part of the journey is not the plane journey. It is the time spent at the airport. Knowing how to get to the airport, not knowing how much time to allow for passing security, and similar thoughts can be a serious source of stress. 

If you would like to know how to expedite your passage through the airport, simply follow our guide below. 

1. Have Your Documents In-Hand and Prepared

To expedite your experience at the airport, ensure that you choose an efficient and comfortable airport transportation option. Then once you get to the airport, make sure that you have all your documents in hand. 

If you are flying internationally you will need to have your passport and possibly other visa documentation. If this is stored on your phone, open the document on your phone while you are waiting in line.

Fumbling in your bag at the check-in desk will raise both your own temperature and that of those waiting in the queue behind you.

2. Weigh Your Bags

There is nothing more stressful than waiting in line to check-in and worrying that your carry on luggage is overweight. If it is, opening up your personal luggage in front of others, and moving items from bag to bag could be very embarrassing. After this, you may have to join the queue all over again from the very back. 

Avoid this by measuring your carry-on bag dimensions and weighing it carefully before you get to the airport. A simple luggage scale can help you. It will mean that you can spend your waiting time at the airport sipping a cappuccino rather than correcting overweight bags.

3. Put Almost Everything in Your Carry On Luggage

In 2020 any passage through an airport will take longer due to COVID-19 precautions. How can you save time when passing through theses and other security checks?

Ensure that items you will need to pass security, such as your ticket and passport, are in your hand. Then place everything else in your carry on luggage. This means that when you get to security you hand over a single bag, rather than emptying multiple pockets.

You can further speed up this process by ensuring that any laptop computers or tablets are at the top of your carry on and easily extracted for inspection if necessary.

4. Mentally List Your Items

Before you enter the airport, make a mental list of how many items you are carrying. You may have 5 items: jacket, phone, carry-on bag, sunglasses, and wallet.

At each stage of your journey through the airport simply count whether you have these 5 items. This will remove the nagging feeling that you have left something behind.

Get to the Airport Safely and Securely

One key factor in streamlining your airport experience is your arrival time. When you get to the airport in good time you can relax, as you know you have time for any unexpected hiccups along the way. 

If you want to ensure that you get to the airport safely and on time, and thus have a stress free journey to your destination, then we are here to help.

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