Planning Your Palm Springs Vacation: What to Do When You Arrive

There is a great vacation spot in California, its Palm Springs. A Palm Springs vacation is one that you won’t forget or regret. There is so much to do there that you’ll wish you visited sooner.

If you want to plan a Palm Springs vacation, you want to make sure you plan accordingly.

As Palm Springs is a popular vacation destination, you want to make sure that you book your hotel in advance. You also want to hire a chauffeur for your trip so you can spend less time driving and more time exploring!

Once you arrive, here’s what to do in Palm Springs:

Enjoy The Pool

Hotels in Palm Springs are known for having lavish swimming pools. Even in California, a swimming pool can be a luxury for many. If you love swimming or a great pool party, don’t forget to spend some of your time at your hotel’s pool.

Depending on your hotel and when you visit, you might have a few wild pool parties at your hotel. You should ask your hotel what the atmosphere is. Some visitors will prefer to dance by the pool while others want something quiet and more family-friendly. Make sure you find this out before you book.

Enjoy The Food

Among the best things to do in Palm Springs is to enjoy the cuisine. If you are into health and fitness, you will find restaurants such as Jake’s offering salads and low-calorie meals. If you enjoy fine dining, you’ll find many restaurants where you can enjoy a fine steak and a glass of wine.

Don’t forget to wake up early once in a while and enjoy breakfast at a local diner. You can also go to a bakery and enjoy breakfast pastries freshly served.

Explore The Nature

One of the best Palm Springs attractions is nature. We suggest hiking Mt. San Jacinto. You’ll enjoy the experience, and the view is breathtaking — you’ll get to see most of the famed Coachella Valley.

If you can handle it, you should also explore the San Andreas Fault. You can take a tour and learn about the history of this fascinating area. If you are traveling as a family, you should check out Living Desert. This is a zoo as well as a breeding center for exotic wildlife.

See The Museums

If you love history and learning about the culture, Palm Springs is not without its great museums. If you are into military history, you will love the Palm Springs Air Museum.

This museum shows many American aircraft used in the Korean War and the Vietnam War. If you love art, you’ll love the Palm Springs Art Museum. This museum has a great collection of paintings and sculpture from renowned artists.

The exhibitions will help you learn more about the history of Palm Springs and its varied cultures.

Book Your Palm Springs Vacation

Now that you know what to see and do, you are ready to book your Palm Springs vacation. Make sure to plan ahead so that you don’t miss out on anything!

If you’d like to book a private car, we are here to help. Request a quote today, and let’s book your car!