Key Benefits to Hiring a Driver For Your Vacation Stay

If you’re on vacation, you don’t want to have to always focus on driving. Part of the joy of travel is seeing the sights.

Instead of worrying about securing a rental car or calling an Uber, why not hire a driver? Relax on your next vacation and check out the tips below on hiring a driver.

No Driving Required

The best part of hiring a driver for your trip is the most obvious: you don’t have to do any driving. Your experienced driver will take the wheel so you can enjoy the ride.

You Won’t Get Lost

Navigating your trip can be a stressful experience. From using a GPS to asking for directions, finding your way around can take valuable time away from your vacation.

When you hire a driver they’ll get you where you need to be without any hiccups. Plus, they’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to leave for your next destination.

Make a Great Impression

Who doesn’t want to pull up in a luxury black service car?

Perfect for Large Groups

When it comes to traveling in large groups, there is no better option than chartering a motor coach or shuttle.

Rent one bus for the whole party and you’ll travel safely and in style. You won’t need to worry about designated drivers, and you can keep the whole group in one place.

Excellent Customer Service

You won’t get the same TV, privacy, and friendly conversation with a taxi driver as you would with a hired driving service. No more dirty backseats with this luxury driving experience.

Not to mention, you won’t have to wait for your ride. Less than 40 percent of taxi customers were picked up within ten minutes.

Safety First

No need to worry about reckless or shady drivers. Your hired chauffeur will have passed numerous background checks and safety tests for your peace of mind.

All hired drivers are fully licensed and insured, so even if an accident does happen you’ll receive compensation.

Benefits of Hiring a Driver

Rental car broke down in the middle of nowhere? Miss the bus to the museum?

Leave the frustrations of traffic and stress of navigating public transit behind. By hiring a driver you can sit back and take in the views.

Ready to book your next vacation driving service in Palm Springs? Check out our fleet and reserve your vehicle today!