Cardiff Cares

Seniors, restaurants and retail stores have been especially hit hard by Covid-19. Cardiff Transportation is donating vehicles, time, and experience to ensure that our community receives their deliveries from the local food bank because of the restrictions implemented by COVID-19.

A Special Need

The Find Food Bank has been especially stressed.  Serving 5,000 square miles of Southern California desert they have found it necessary to open 19 new distribution sites.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, our local Find Food Bank has lost a lot of their volunteers. Thank you to the two-dozen members of the California National Guard for their assistance helping the Find Food Bank and loading the Cardiff van with all the donated food for our deliveries.

How We’re Helping Out

Cardiff Transportation will continue to work with the local Find Food Bank twice a week on different delivery routes throughout the Coachella Valley. Cardiff employees Lauren Cardiff and Darrick Hayes would like to send an extra-large thank you to the Find Food Bank and National Guard for their assistance in working together to support our community.